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In 2014, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington gave out more than 729,000 pounds of food to people, parishes, and pantries within the 21 counties in our diocese.


Here are 10 ways that will guide you how to respond to hunger in the Diocese of Arlington:

1. Bring a donation of food and recruit others to do the same!

2. Organize a food drive in your parish, business, school, or neighborhood.

3. Drive donations to our partner pantries — there’s at least one in each of the 21 counties of the diocese.

4. Participate in a service project such as packing healthy recipe meal bags for clients.

5. Make a one-time gift or monthly commitment to provide lasting support for The St. Lucy Project.

6. Volunteer to bag groceries, stock shelves or load boxes of food with us—better yet, bring your family, parish group, or co-workers to join you!

7. Ask your favorite supermarket, restaurant, or farm to donate food.

8. Ask your business to participate in an employee service day or corporate sponsorship.

9. Ask your parish how it can be more involved with The St. Lucy Project.

10. Commit to praying for the hungry in our diocese.

Why is St. Lucy the saint we turn to?

St. Lucy is known as the Patron Saint of light and the blind. She sacrificed her life for purity and generously donated her wealth to the poor.

The vision of The St. Lucy Project is to make visible the invisible poverty in our diocese.

“We don’t see it immediately, but there are people in the diocese that are truly, truly in need,” Bishop Loverde said when speaking of this invisible poverty.

With The St. Lucy Project, we aim to provide basic needs for the poor while providing guidance for both sustenance and spiritual growth

St. Lucy, pray for us!

For more information:

Contact our St. Lucy hub in Manassas at 703-479-2975.