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Have you seen our latest video, The Joy in Serving?

In this short film, mothers and their kids, pastors and volunteers, our clients and our staff all speak to the importance of volunteers within Catholic Charities.

And we would have to agree! Volunteer time is valued at $26.09 in Virginia, so last year, our 1,500 volunteers saved us more than $1.5 million dollars! 

Volunteers help us grow our programs: together, we are reaching more people, changing more lives.

Volunteers also enrich our programs: they bring suggestions and solutions, bright smiles and kind eyes, a caring word and a listening ear. Their simple presence enhances the encounter with the clients they are serving.

But don’t take it from us! Watch below!



For all who have experienced the joy in serving with Catholic Charities, thank you! Thank you for sharing your precious time and talents with those whom we serve. For those wishing to get more involved, please sign up to volunteer on our volunteer website, visit our homepage or call 703-841-3830 with general inquiries.