Last year, volunteers donated more than 26,000 hours to serve our Hogar clients. Last month, employees from BB&T Bank joined that growing number.

In May, 15 employees from BB&T spent the evening helping clients at Catholic Charities’ Hogar Immigrant Services prepare for their upcoming citizenship exams. They assisted with one-on-one tutoring and then led a class-wide game of Jeopardy.


John Reiter, Senior Vice President with BB&T and a Catholic Charities Board Member, led the team of volunteers as a part of the company’s annual service initiative, The Lighthouse Project.

Reiter said the majority of his peers who were volunteering were naturalized citizens themselves and wanted to be a part of helping others become citizens too.

“It was a great opportunity to be a part of the American dream,” he said. “So many of the students said they wanted to be citizens so they could vote and fully participate in their community.”

Brooke Hammond Perez, Program Director for Hogar Immigrant Services says that volunteers are instrumental in helping clients reach their goal of becoming citizens. Hogar has 46 volunteers for every one staff member.

“If it were not for all of our great volunteers we wouldn’t be helping near as many people,” she said. “Because of their generosity, Hogar served more than 3,000 clients last year at 12 locations across the diocese.”

As one of those volunteers, Reiter said whether you’re volunteering out of personal desire or corporate culture, it goes back to the basics.

“You always get more out of giving than receiving,” he said. “It’s just the right thing to do.”


Can you volunteer your time to change the lives of Hogar students? Can you make a gift so we can use more technology in the classroom or offer more scholarships? Sign up as a volunteer or make a financial donation today. We can’t do it without you!

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