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In April 2016, Bishop Emeritus Loverde blessed the Pregnancy and Adoption Support office in Fairfax.


“We rejoice, and hope many blessings, concrete and tangible, will be experienced by those who come here,” Bishop Loverde said.

Pregnancy and Adoption Support serves three main groups, and the best interest of the child is always central. We help:

  • Birth mothers or birth parents that are experiencing a crisis pregnancy by offering counseling and emotional support, helping with rides to doctor’s appointments, providing baby items or gift cards for maternity clothes, and ultimately helping the parents make the decision to parent or make an adoption plan.
  • Prospective adoptive families by supporting them through the complicated adoption process, offering emotional support during the waiting period, and helping families grow through the gift of adoption.
  • Any family touched by adoption because we offer post-adoptive counseling, a friends of adoption network, and a birth parent support group.

Our location near Fairfax Circle is more accessible for these families and individuals, and allows for greater community visibility. Additionally, the nicer space affirms the dignity of the clients we are serving.

Art Bennett, President and CEO of Catholic Charities, also spoke to the 40 supporters and staff members gathered for the blessing.

He emphasized the great contributions this program has made to the community. In fact, next year will be our 70th year of serving birth parents, children, and adoptive parents. Since then, we’ve helped create more than 3,000 families! Praise be to God!

“Pope Francis often talks about the unborn being amongst the most vulnerable populations,” Bennett said. “And we know that when we are serving the most vulnerable, we are serving Christ.”

Kim Harrell, Program Director for Adoption and Pregnancy Support, said that the most important thing she tells clients is that God is present within this program.

“If you are looking to see God’s hand at work, this is the place for you,” Harrell said. “We have seen him create families in ways that seem nothing short of miraculous.”


One of those families is Tom and Rachel Leary. Their adoption blessing was two-fold, as they adopted both Jay and Paul through Catholic Charities as infants. Even more special, the boys are brothers and the Learys have a relationship with their birth mother.

“We look forward to seeing the boys play together and grow closer,” Rachel said. “We are very close with our siblings, and hope that Jay and Paul are the best of friends.”


Stories like Tom and Rachel’s, and our exciting move to the new Fairfax office, would not be possible without generous support from the community. You can offer your support by becoming a volunteer or making a financial gift. To learn more about our Pregnancy and Adoption Support program, please visit our website or call 703-425-0100.