The St. Lucy Project’s distribution hub is now operational after Bishop Loverde’s blessing.

Bishop Paul S. Loverde blesses The St. Lucy Project's new facility in Manassas.

Bishop Paul S. Loverde blesses The St. Lucy Project’s new facility in Manassas.

Bishop Paul S. Loverde of Arlington blessed The St. Lucy Project’s new food distribution hub in Manassas on November 16, 2014.

“This is the center now that will enable us to take Christ’s words of the Gospel, and not just listen to them and smile, but put them into practice and rejoice, for from here, food will go out to so many places and peoples that are in need,” Bishop Loverde said before blessing the new facility.

Bishop Loverde blesses new food hub

About 100 people were in attendance for the blessing, including Catholic Charities staff, board members, volunteers, supporters and community partners.

Attendees also brought food to stock the shelves, and Nativity and Holy Family parishes dropped off food from their Fall Harvest food drives.

Food Hub blessing

The new hub is a part of The St. Lucy Project, Catholic Charities’ re-energized food program. It will distribute food to Catholic Charities pantries in Alexandria, Front Royal and Leesburg, as well as more than 40 parish and ecumenical partner pantries across the diocese.

“I’ve said often that CCDA is the heart of this diocese,” Bishop Loverde said. “[This program] is an expansion of a heart beating with love for those who are hungry.”

Exciting Features at the New Hub

  • More than 6,100 sq. ft. of space to organize, store and distribute food, making it about 10 times larger than the Christ House basement
  • Refrigerated storage to allow healthy food to be stored and distributed
  • Centrally located, making it quicker and more efficient to visit pantries in all corners of the diocese
  • Two loading zones, one for a large truck and another specifically for a car or SUV
  • Additional volunteer opportunities for individuals, families or businesses to encounter the poor and put their faith into action

Get Involved!

The new hub is located at 8426-8428 Kao Circle in Manassas. While it will not provide direct services like a traditional pantry, it will offer volunteer and donation opportunities. Specific volunteer needs include:

  1. Sorting and counting blue donation bags for distribution to food drive participants
  2. Receiving and unloading deliveries of donations; moderate lifting required
  3. Sorting and packing food donations for drivers to deliver to pantries throughout the diocese
  4. Drivers to assist with distribution of packed food boxes

To get involved as a volunteer contact Debra Beard, the St. Lucy Project Volunteer Coordinator, at

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