(Absolutely Abby speaks at a CAN workshop.)


By Chris Oliveira, Summer College Student Volunteer, Catholic Charities

It is often too easy to view unemployment as a simple number, flashed in news headlines and used as a talking point. But for those who make up that number, unemployment carries a much heavier significance. Often, unemployment creates a situation where job seekers feel isolated by feelings of anxiety or self-doubt, not only as a result of the discouraging effects of losing one’s job, but also due to the seemingly intimidating character of the search process itself. However, with “Christians Are Networking (CAN)”, the search is made a little less lonely.

A program of Catholic Charities, CAN is an all-volunteer ministry dedicated to serving the unemployed through simple support and encouragement founded on training in areas of networking, interviewing, self-marketing, and more. The ministry is built on a mission to treat clients with dignity, supporting them along the path to meaningful employment. CAN clients range from new graduates to returning veterans to underemployed or displaced workers. On the other side of the table, CAN volunteers include trained professionals who are skilled in all aspects of the job search. To provide a comprehensive array of support, meetings regularly feature speakers on relevant topics while also providing time for one-on-one mentoring and individualized support.

In order to better serve the unemployed, CAN is now offering a six-week workshop series for job seekers. Starting July 11, this two-hour workshop will meet at 7:00 pm each Tuesday night and will cover critical aspects of a successful job search. Kicking off with a discussion of how to “Find Your Purpose and Vocation”, the discussion will move forward over the weeks to cover topics including resume building, self-marketing, networking, interviewing essentials, and offer negotiation. The workshop is free and open to all, regardless of religious affiliation. If you are interested, sign-ups for the program can be found on Eventbrite at http://bit.ly/6wkjbs.


For more information or if you have questions regarding the program, please contact sodwyer@ccda.net or mmorris@ccda.net.