The four core values of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington are evident in everything we do. Our strategies and goals may change, but the four core values do not. They are foundational for CCDA and reflect our mission and vision

These four core values are: (i) serve the poor while (ii) integrating our Catholic Faith in an encounter that helps to (iii) transform their lives with the (iv) resources we have available.

These values are out in front of everything we do, in season or out, popular or not. They are foundational; everything else comes about because of them. We do not hire leaders or  employees unless we are convinced that they will partake and advance these values. And we over-communicate them constantly so they are the forefront of what we do and what we decide.  

Our focus this week is our third core value, Transform Lives.

4 Core Values CCDA

With Christ we can transform ourselves and the world.” – Pope Francis

Christ does not just adjust, ameliorate, or placate.  He transforms: not only those who receive the services, but also those providing the services.


But transformation can only be a product of Christ’s love within us. Transformation must be preceded by personal and organizational formation.  

The transformative process is really God’s grace working through CCDA. We must humbly surrender to God in order to be able to bring transformative change. We follow the insistent guidance of Pope Francis to increase quality encounters so that the transformative love of Christ can occur.  

How can we partake in His transformative love?  We emphasize fostering a personal relationship with Christ and building the trust necessary to foster transformation. Building trust means that we must have an encounter and know God, so that we can encounter and know those we have the privilege of serving.

We place an emphasis on prayer before meetings and formation talks for staff, volunteers, and program leaders about our core values. We serve the whole person: body, mind, and soul. That kind of service requires putting our egos aside and humbly working together to bring the necessary help that our clients need so God can do his work through us.

Transformation is critical for each of us, no matter who we are and what work we do. Christ was not a placater, but a transformer of values and required a different way of thinking and acting in order for change to occur. As a Christian organization that is our charge as well. “Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ…”(Phil 2:5-7)

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