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Hundreds of expectant women and couples walk through the doors of our Pregnancy and Adoption Support (PAS), scared and alone. Your generous donations of time and funding help these women choose life for their unborn child.

Here’s one example of a young mother whose life was transformed by her experience at PAS

Counseling Moms to Choose Life - Arlington Catholic Charities

Azia (name has been changed for privacy), a young Muslim woman, was five months pregnant when her mother asked her to move out of their home. She was embarrassed that the neighbors would know that her daughter was pregnant and unmarried. Azia turned to PAS because she had nowhere else to go.

The staff members at PAS were able to place her in one of their “family homes,” a network of families who open their doors to pregnant women and provide them with love and shelter in times of difficulty. Staff members counseled her as she discerned whether to create a parenting plan or an adoption plan. In addition, PAS also provided therapy for other issues in her life.

Azia decided it would be best to parent her child. PAS helped her to find transitional housing where she moved after giving birth to her daughter. After three months there, she was able to move into her own apartment. With a full-time job, she is able to support her daughter. Seeing what a wonderful job she was doing raising and supporting her daughter, Azia’s mother has become more supportive and attentive to Azia.

If you are in a crisis pregnancy or would like more information on adoption, please call our Pregnancy and Adoption Support program at 703-425-0100 or visit our website.

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