Here at Catholic Charities we are grateful for the joy that our clients bring, the dedication our staff gives, and the generosity that volunteers and supporters bestow upon us all the time. Bishop Loverde will serve Thanksgiving dinner at Christ House as he has done every year. Family Services-South has created a Tree of Gratitude this year. St. Margaret of Cortona received fresh fruit from the Christian Support Group, as well as turkey dinners. And if you would like to feed the hungry — you can take part in this at-home service project! Cardinal Bank has already contributed to this project!

May God Bless you and your family this Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving Dinner at Christ House


Bishop Loverde will be serving meals at Christ House, as he has done every Thanksgiving since he has come to our Diocese.  He’ll be at Christ House praying and singing with those who have come for Turkey dinner, giving them his blessing, then serving their meals.

“Keep the Christ House staff and volunteers in your prayers who turn the Thanksgiving Holiday into a Merciful holy day.  And let us continue to pray with thanks for the leadership and generosity of Bishop Loverde.”                                                                                                     – Art Bennett, President and CEO, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington


Tree of Gratitude


With Thanksgiving fast approaching, Family Services-South decided to bring a little bit of gratitude into the house. During the entire month of November, clients, staff, and volunteers wrote about what or whom they were grateful for in their lives.

Often in the midst of stress, especially during the holiday months, we aren’t able to find the many blessings we are being given, however simply taking a moment to reflect allows for a sense of peace to exist in our lives.

Gratitude has gotten a great deal of attention as a facet of positive psychology: studies have shown that we can increase our well-being and happiness by deliberately cultivating gratitude. This is exactly what Family Services-South had in mind when they asked for people to add a leaf to their tree of gratitude. They hoped to display a small way for clients to increase their energy, optimism and empathy in their own lives by this small coping strategy.

When people walk in the office, they are able to see the many things that we are grateful for here. Some notes of gratitude:

“I am thankful I don’t have to drink anymore.”

“For Catholic Charities and my faith.”

A child wrote, “For shelter.”

So today, find something to be thankful for!

– Anne Devine, Program Manager, Family Services – South 


Fresh Fruit for Families!


The Christian Support Group provided large bags of mixed fruit – – apples, pears, tangerines, oranges, grapes, berries and bananas for each St. Margaret of Cortona (SMC) Family.  This is the third year Dr. Jean Simpson and friends (above) have come in warm Christian spirit to help make a home meal  special for families who have been homeless but now have a kitchen and dining room at SMC  where they can celebrate Thanksgiving.

Additionally, the families recently attended a nutrition session at Life Skills  on cooking well and using fresh foods – the families now know some new ways to freeze and use these fruits!

The work of these folks really makes the Thanksgiving a thanks-filled time at the program.”                                                                                                                                     – Veronica “Ronnie” Roth, Program Director, St. Margaret of Cortona Transformational Housing


Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate the abundance of God’s many blessings in our lives. It is also a time to recognize those among us who struggle to put nourishing food on their table every day of the year. This Thanksgiving, Catholic Charities asks you to come together with your loved ones to assemble meaningful snack packs right in your own home. Your snack packs will be distributed to those in need throughout the Diocese. This opportunity offers you a chance to give back to those who endure food insecurity right here in our diocese. We appreciate your prayers and your support!

Download the project here!

And many thanks to those who have already contributed to this project! See the  Cardinal Bank team below assembling Thanksgiving snack packs which they later delivered to their local food pantry. Thank you!!



May God bless all of our Catholic Charities family this Thanksgiving!