In honor of National Volunteer Week, we want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to our volunteers.

Each day, volunteers at Catholic Charities are changing the lives of the poor across the Diocese of Arlington. Whether it’s serving a meal, teaching a class or unloading fresh food at our pantries — our volunteers are truly making a difference.

But, don’t take it from us! Take it from our volunteers themselves…


“Being of service to others is what God and Pope Francis call us to do.”  – Board Chairman Rick Kaplar has volunteered for Catholic Charities for 16 years. Learn more about his dedication here.


“It’s easy to think we don’t have enough time. We work long hours like a lot of people in this area, but I wouldn’t let that be a deterrent. It’s just an hour of our week, but the impact on the families is so tremendous.”  – Tom and Michelle Dannan, St. Margaret of Cortona volunteers. Read more about the Dannans here.


“Every one of the students saw me as a blessing in their lives. And in no time at all, I learned that they were a blessing in mine.”  – Moire Latamore writes about her volunteer experience teaching English with Hogar Immigrant Services.


“Frequently, I have found that volunteering has broadened my heart, sometimes it breaks my heart, and has deepened my Roman Catholic faith. I find the experience tremendously fulfilling.”  – Alan Holmer, Board Member, Special Gifts Chair for the 2015 and 2016 Catholic Charities Balls, and Christ House volunteer. Read Alan’s full interview here.


“I had to stop doing everything I thought was important just to see what was going on around me … to be of service to someone is the most rewarding thing I can do.”  – Read more from Jackie Lorzing, St. Lucy Project volunteer.


Now these are just five volunteers, five quotes, five stories, but we know there are thousands more. Will you join us? Will you make this your story? 

National Volunteer Week is the perfect time to sign up to give back to the poor. You’ll be giving a wonderful gift to people who need your kindness, and to yourself, as you take part in the good work of helping others.


We need you! Catholic Charities depends on the generosity of volunteers to bring the love of Christ and an extra set of helping hands to our programs and those whom we serve. Please visit our volunteer page or contact Sally O’Dwyer, Director of Volunteers, at or (703) 841-3838.

Or, if you can’t make it to Catholic Charities, but still want to do your part, you can help by making an online donation here. For more giving opportunities, contact Jim Michels at or (703) 841-3841.

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