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The four core values of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington are evident in everything we do. Our strategies and goals may change, but the four core values do not. They are foundational for CCDA and reflect our mission and vision

These four core values are: (i) serve the poor while (ii) integrating our Catholic Faith in an encounter that helps to (iii) transform their lives with the (iv) resources we have available.

These values are out in front of everything we do, in season or out, popular or not. They are foundational; everything else comes about because of them. We do not hire leaders or  employees unless we are convinced that they will partake and advance these values. And we over-communicate them constantly so they are the forefront of what we do and what we decide.  

Our focus this week is our second core value, Integrate Our Catholic Identity.

4 Core Values CCDA

Our deepest joy comes from Christ. Remaining with Him, walking with Him, being His disciples.” – Pope Francis

Studies show that the isolation of the poor is spiritual and communal and not just material. Our mission gives us so many opportunities to show the love of Christ and the love of the Church for the helpless and disadvantaged.


The Church gives preference to the needs of the poor. We will continue to see the integration of our services and leadership with the teachings of the Magisterium and our Bishop.  Serving believers and nonbelievers, we will increase our formation and information on the applicability of the Church’s wisdom in the services we provide.  

We accept our leadership position to go out to the parishes to clear a path for parishes and parishioners to work closely with the poor.

To allow CCDA to become the heart of the Church, we must become more Christ-centered with Christ’s desire for growth and transformation pumping in our veins, so transformation can occur to those we serve. We must, both individually and as an organization, commit to growing closer to Christ through His Church so that his creative and redemptive love into our hearts and into our organization so that we can love as He loves.

As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you; abide in my love.” – John 15:9

We place a strong emphasis on CCDA leadership in evangelization in concert with diocesan resources to provide formation training from CCDA to place Christ at the front end (‘because He loves us, we love the poor’) and the back end (‘when we encounter the poor we encounter Christ’), as Matthew 25 tells us.

Our job isn’t just to share resources; it is also to share the good news of God’s love and the faith which brings hope.  We do not proselytize, but we do evangelize by living the faith and connecting the dots between our actions and this core value.