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Volunteers: follow Jesus and set healthy boundaries

By Sally O’Dwyer Catholic Charities volunteers come to us primarily because they want to make a difference in the lives of the poor and the vulnerable people we serve. They want to help — without harming the person they serve, or themselves. The key to... read more

Adoption: A lifeline to mothers, babies and new families

Maria contacted Catholic Charities requesting information on making an adoption plan for her child.  Within 24 hours of her phone call, one of our pregnancy and adoption counselors drove out to meet with her in person at a local coffee shop.  Maria shared that her... read more

Supporting birth mothers for a lifetime

SARAH* WAS PREGNANT and the baby’s father was out of the picture. Considering where she was in her life, she knew she would not be able to provide for her child in the way she wanted. With the help of her family, she decided to make an adoption plan and began working... read more

Supporting Loved Ones who are Adopting

“We are Adopting!”  For many, sharing the information with their loved ones that they have decided to grow their family through adoption is difficult to do.  However, not everyone knows or understands the complexities of adoption or how to respond.

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Moved by Faith

  Many of us are motivated by faith to volunteer and donate to programs that serve those in need. We want to share the many blessings God has given us. In fact, studies done at Harvard and Notre Dame Universities show that people who are rooted in their faith are... read more