Fr. John Mosimann encourages us to pray for those we serve by name. 


By Anne Devine (Program Manager, Family Services-South)

Fr. John Mosimann, Pastor of St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception, joined Family Services-South for their most recent quarterly priest luncheon.  This luncheon provides continued formation to Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington (CCDA) staff around topics of social justice, moral theology and other topics relating to the work of the mental health counselors. Fredericksburg Migration and Refugee Services staff joined, as well.

With the recent canonization of St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Fr. Mosimann encouraged Catholic Charities clinicians to pray intentionally for those they served. In reflecting about this new saint, Fr. Mosimann was reminded of his opportunity to have met Mother Teresa as a seminarian.

Making himself seen and hovering over the petite nun, he humbly asked her to pray for him. He wrote his name on a piece of paper in order for her to pray for him by name.

He invited us to do the same, to pray for each person by name that walks through the door to receive services at Family Services-South, and to love those we serve as Jesus Christ does.

“To offer sacrifices as a means for Him to shower graces upon others.

Often times as clinicians we hear stories that are heart wrenching and full of tragedy and it is in those moments, and with every person carrying their cross, we are called to defend them and remind them of their dignity.

All that is good comes from God, and all that we do must be rooted in love for Him.

We must remember that even in the work we do, all that is good comes from God, and all that we do must be rooted in love for Him. There will be times we may not see fruit in the clients we work with but there may be fruit produced after their time in therapy. Therefore Fr. Mosimann reminded us, as we all should be reminded, the “beauty of eternity…see every thread of charity in the tapestry we created.”

CCDA Staff listen to words of wisdom from Fr. Mosimann

CCDA Staff listen to words of wisdom from Fr. Mosimann.


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