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A volunteer hands out certificates to St. Margaret's moms who completed a computer training course as a part of their weekly Life Skills class.

A volunteer hands out certificates to St. Margaret’s moms who completed a computer training course as a part of their weekly Life Skills class.

Case Manager Misty Hardman explains how families at St. Margaret’s benefit from volunteer support.

How are volunteers serving the clients at St. Margaret’s?

We don’t have a huge staff, so volunteers help us out in two big ways. Volunteers lead weekly Life Skills classes where our parents learn computer skills, resume building, budgeting, things like that. And our kids participate in fun activities that their parents might not otherwise be able to afford. Volunteers also bring furniture and organize the apartments before our families move in. If our staff had to be doing all the decorating, that would take away from time we spend helping and encouraging the families.
These aren’t the only ways either… there are are countless ways people serve our families. We are grateful!

Why is it important for families to take their furniture with them?

The families can furnish their new homes, and it helps with the continuity for the kids. Moving is a big change for anyone, so it gives them peace of mind that their belongings are coming with them.

What would you say to people interested in volunteering? 

I think it would be really rewarding for anyone interested to come visit St. Margaret’s and see where you fit in. If you think “they couldn’t use me” – we could definitely use you! We couldn’t do what we do without our volunteers.

Volunteers Furnish, Decorate Homes for Families

Zonta Unit

When families successfully move out of St. Margaret’s, we give them the furniture and household items for their new homes.

To prepare for a new family to move in, volunteers spend days cleaning and decorating the empty space with donated items. Volunteers from Zonta International in Prince William County have worked on five apartments in the last two years, bringing in items from their own homes and learning about the new family so they can personalize the space.

“We want the apartment to feel homey and inviting when the family comes in,” said Kit Nicholas, who leads the Zonta redecorating team. “This is a great opportunity for the homeless families living here, so we want to be able to help in whatever way we can.”

To assist with any of these volunteer jobs or to see how else you can get involved at St. Margaret’s, apply on our website or contact Sally O’Dwyer, Director of Volunteers, at SOdwyer@ccda.net or (703) 841-3838.